Friday, February 22, 2013

Page 4 - Revealing

And breathing affords us such luxuries… As do all the other benefits of having a fully functioning body. So for a bit of background into who I am and where I have come from, before and after "the worst day"… Let me introduce myself with these images…

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1.Pike's Peak Colorado weeks before the accident. 2.Shepherd Rehab Ctr., December 2010. 3.February 2011, my birthday at home with my best friend Elizabeth. 4.Sail Rock off St. Thomas early 2010. 5.Moving my arms in OT 2012. 6.Using standing frame for OT/PT 2012.

This will not be the last time I give you a glimpse into my reality. But I wanted to make a formal introduction and demonstrate that what you see when you look at me now, actually is not the whole story of who I am. It's part of my story. When you look at a person with a disability regardless of the "type", it's important to understand that what you see is not always the truth of that life. We all have a history and we have a future. How you respond to those around you can play a very big role in their future, even if it's only for that day. It might be a very important day… Assume that it is, and smile. My next blog page will continue where I left off, back in the trauma unit…


  1. HI beautiful... as you continue to inspire with your words of wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing it is still so hard for me to wrap my brain around your journey.I will always know you as the amazing, powerful, strong woman you are.. you have many more journeys to come...i know this will never defeat you.. your spirit will fight for you and I know you will be sailing around one day again...
    Love you so much !!

  2. Hey, we will ALWAYS have a history and a future you bum. LOL I love you and this blog is awesome. I know how difficult it is to get your voice recognition software to work on such things. I admire your drive and ability to "Keep Calm and Carry On" xoxoxoxo